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Klarda (“Klarda”, “we”, or “us”) is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, and we take our data protection responsibilities with the utmost seriousness. This Privacy Notice describes how Klarda collects and processes your personal information through the Klarda websites and applications that reference this Privacy Notice. Klarda refers to an ecosystem comprising Klarda websites (whose domain names include but are not limited to www.klarda.com), mobile applications, clients, applets and other applications that are developed to offer Klarda Services, and includes independently-operated platforms, websites and clients within the ecosystem (e.g. Klarda’s Platform, Klarda Venture, Klarda Labs). “Klarda Operators” refer to all parties that run Klarda, including but not limited to legal persons, unincorporated organisations and teams that provide Klarda Services and are responsible for such services. “Klarda” as used in this Privacy Notice includes Klarda Operators.This Privacy Notice applies to all Personal Information processing activities carried out by us, across platforms, websites, and departments of Klarda and Klarda Operators.To the extent that you are a customer or user of our services, this Privacy Notice applies together with any terms of business and other contractual documents, including but not limited to any agreements we may have with you.To the extent that you are not a relevant stakeholder, customer or user of our services, but are using our website, this Privacy Notice also applies to you together with our Cookie Notice.This Notice should therefore be read together with our Cookie Notice, which provides further details on our use of cookies on the website.Our Cookie Notice can be accessed here.